Harvesting Residues Yields Returns

Phil and TomIn late 2010, Ag Energy Solutions – an engineering focused field residue solutions company – was founded to solve the pervasive and costly excess biomass problems that plague farmers.  With hands-on knowledge from younger years working on the family farms,  Ag Energy’s founders – Philip Appel, PhD and Tom Weir, MS ME – decided to put their advanced engineering degrees, alternative energy expertise, and multi-generation farming legacies to work effectively addressing field residue problems.   Strategic investors lined-up, select engineering and operations team members were recruited and innovative engineering design occurred.

Fast forward to fall of 2013.  Ag Energy introduces its field residue solution that converts field waste into energy to the Pacific Northwest agricultural community … and delivers a unique, safe and practical solution that significantly reduces the high-demand for fertilizer, fuel, and energy.  Now farmers can harvest their excess field residue and generate power to drive their irrigation pumps or sell power pack to the grid.   The time and cost associated with multiple tillage passes to break down the biomass is eliminated.  With Ag Energy: Harvesting Residues Yields Returns.

  • Solves Excess Biomass Problems
  • Reduces Farm Operating Expenses
  • Generates Revenue From Residue
  • Eliminates Multiple Tillage Passes
  • Environmentally Progressive

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